5 low- budget online marketing strategies

In this competitive market, it’s very difficult to attract the attention of the target market. You are not only competing against the big companies but also competing with social media and other distractions to get the attention of your target audience. Marketing efforts can be expensive. But if you are on tight budget, you should use the following online marketing strategies for your company.

Get your product or service endorsed by a local celebrity

Many companies think of endorsing their product or service by an international celebrity. This can be expensive. So, you can focus on trying to get the local celebrity to endorse your product or service instead. These celebrities can be teachers who are doing something positive for the society. If they are in your neighborhood, for example, you can easily locate them. You can contact them and tell them that you would like to send a gift to them. After sending them your product, you should take them their honest feedback. You can include these responses in your blog or marketing content.

Create LinkedIn group

LinkedIn group is free to create. It is an easy way to reach your professional network. You can offer useful information to them and drive traffic to your site, thus increasing sales. You shouldn’t use the platform to hard sell anyone. You can start discussions on topics that can benefit the society.

Get published on other blogs

You might not be able to place an ad on the front cover of a big magazine with a tight budget, but you can take the opportunity of being featured in a niche blog that is popular. You should identify a few blogs in your niche and contact them. You can discuss how you can bring new ideas to the readers of their blogs. You can provide your product or service as for giving away to the audience as a gift. You can write for them as guest writer as well.

Create YouTube videos

YouTube is a very powerful platform for marketing your business online. You should use a keyword-researched headline for your video, a clear message and a call to action. You can use your smartphone to create the video. Then use a video editing software to give the final touches on your video.

Write an e-book

You won’t need to spend much money to publish a book anymore. Amazon, for example, lets you upload a digital book for free with a 33% take on every sale. You can use the book as a lead generation tool, not to earn profit. You can use the book to encourage readers to visit your site for more information.

These online marketing strategies can be accomplished within a very tight budget. All you need to do is plan ahead and give some time. You will be able to improve your customer base using these low-budget online marketing strategies.

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